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reclaim your space.


Reclaim your space with the Rail Locker®!

The Rail Locker® is a durable, waterproof storage container that mounts to mil-spec Picatinny rails and is used to hold a variety of items. This innovative and patented product serves as a valuable sidekick for hunting, shooting practice, and more - it's designed to meet your needs without taking up precious space or having to leave your firearm.

Possible Uses:

Store batteries, tobacco products, keys, gun wipes, bandages, velcro straps, wire ties, USB sticks, and more.

RailEstate is an American-owned, American-operated small business located in Mountain City, TN. We believe in firearm freedom and making your firearm life better than ever. We exist for the hunters, the defenders, and for the hobby shooters across America.

Our product is always crafted and packaged with care in Mountain City, TN, USA. There's no time better than now to support American business and ambition.